Basketball ACT Seniors


The ANU Owls are represented at various levels in BACT competitions in both men’s and women’s divisions. See below for which option best suits you.

Most games in all of the below competitions are played on weeknights (which night depends on the specific competition) in Belconnen with some games in Tuggeranong.

B-ACT Premier 1 & 2 Leagues

The BACT Premier League competitions are the highest form of club competition we offer or that is offered at the club level in the ACT.

We enter teams into the BACT Winter season, which is a 22 week season running from approximately mid-March till mid-September as well as the BACT Summer season, which is a shorter 10 week season beginning in October and ending in December. Both competitions provide the opportunity for our members to play against high quality opposition in the Canberra region.

In these leagues, our squads train a minimum of once a week with a weekly game. We compete at a high level and encourage anyone to make any inquiries if you wish to compete for us.

Indicative costs are in the $400-$450 range. Students especially should bear in mind that this season runs across Uni holidays.

B-ACT Social Grades

These competitions place significantly more emphasis on the social side of basketball. BACT caters for both men’s and women’s competitions from D-grade up to A-grade levels. Training is facilitated by the ANUBC but is optional.

These social competitions are equally long and require ongoing commitment to attending and playing games.

These competitions are perfect for individual players across various levels that want to enjoy themselves and play basketball. Equally, if you and your group of friends wants to band together and play we can facilitate your entry. We can find you a team, or come with a team ready and we can sort you out. Keep in mind that you may also opt to enter a mixed team into a social competition.