Internal Competition and Scrimmages

If you are looking to find new friends at ANU and keep fit, but don’t want to take too much time away from your study or work, we have some perfect options for you. We understand that they must be affordable and easily accessible, which is why we run them at cost and at the heart of ANU’s campus, making them cheap and accessible.

Both these options come at no extra cost to ANUBC Members, so as a member you are welcome to register for the Internal Competition or attend the weekly scrimmage session.

Internal Competitions

Our internal competitions are run on Thursday’s from 2pm-4pm of all teaching weeks of the ANU calendar year.

We currently have a Men’s competition and a Mixed competition. You may enter individually, as a group or as a whole team (see below).

We have two practice rounds in Weeks 1 & 2 and our main competition begins in Week 3 of each semester.

Stay tuned here for the link to the registration form.

Playing with friends

All internal competition registrations are done individually, however, there is an option on the registration form to nominate friend/s with whom you would like to play. If you have enough interested friends to make a team, come up with a team name and get them all to specify the team name on their registration form. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, however, we may need to make some adjustment to ensure the competition is balanced.


Our scrimmages are Tuesday 3pm-4pm and are open to all members for any kind of play that numbers permit. Our scrimmage managers will be there to lead and facilitate some 3v3, 5v5 or any other fun games and drills that the group most prefers.

Our scrimmages are a great opportunity to just come down, lace up the kicks and shoot around in a very informal manner. This is a terrific way to relax, shoot some hoops and is yet another opportunity to meet people. Most notably, this is the most casual option we have – there are no strings attached, so if you’re busy no need to worry about letting your team down and if you’re free, just rock up and play some pick-up basketball.