About the ANU Basketball Club

The Australian National University Basketball Club is a vibrant sporting club that offers a great social network and a fantastic array of basketball activities to suit players of various skills levels.

Being a part of this club is a great way to get a blast of physical exercise, have a break from work, study and the regularities of life.

We place serious emphasis on club culture, so we stay accessible to any individual as long as they share our love for the sport. ANUBC aims to maintain a friendly and inclusive culture for all those involved, while providing opportunities for player growth, improvement and advancement.

Established in 2016, the club has seen a steady rise in annual memberships and is poised for years of ongoing growth and success as it relates to external competitions and internal social events.

All Purpose Club

The ANUBC has the unique condition of being an organisation affiliated with a university governing body while wanting to compete in competitions external to ANU.

This unique condition presents a unique challenge – being committed to the success of representative teams in various external competitions while ensuring the accessibility and convenience required in the pursuit of student engagement.

To this end, it should be noted that we are NOT as student only club. We DO accept and currently have many non-students members that play basketball at various levels for us.

The ANU Owls are currently represented in numerous Basketball ACT Premier League competitions and other Canberra based tournaments, while also competing at National University Championships and several other Inter-Varsity competitions.

Our Vision

  1. Develop a sporting and social culture that embraces healthy competition, physical exercise and a strong sense of inclusion and friendship.
  2. Develop a coaching program that benefits athletes of all levels in the pursuit of their personal basketball and fitness goals.
  3. Compete at an exceptionally high level in an array of Basketball ACT competitions, including both men’s and women’s Premier Leagues.
  4. Ensure the longevity of the club and strengthen its affiliation with Basketball ACT.


The club would like to thank the RUC in Turner for their ongoing support. Their passion for amateur sport and shared vision for our club has been and will be instrumental to the long term success and growth of the ANUBC.


The club is affiliated with the ANU Sport & Recreation Association (ANU Sport), which is an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation located at the heart of the ANU Campus.

The club is also affiliated with Basketball ACT and the Weston Creek Woden Dodgers Basketball Club.